Pressure Cleaning
We began pressure cleaning about 25 years ago, back when nobody owned a machine and the only place you could find one for sale was at a commercial or industrial supply company, and the cost was very prohibitive.

These days, pressure washers are found in nearly every garage and can be purchased almost anywhere.   However,  few people know how to use them correctly or are willing to spend the time to use them as often as they should.  Pressure cleaning is a dirty job!  If you don't like being wet and dirty for hours and aren't patient, this job is not for you.  Oh yeah, it’s hard work, too!

We use the latest technologies and products to achieve the best possible results.

Below are photos of projects we’ve done, with a variety of surfaces and the results we’ve achieved: 

EIFS Surfaces, before and after:
Typical gutter, fascia and soffit, before and after:
Vinyl Siding, before and after:
A couple of examples of concrete, before and after during the cleaning process:
A treated wood fence, before and after:
I have hundreds of photos like these, we do 40 or 50 jobs each year and some of the results are astounding!

Your house, driveway, sidewalks, patios and fence are likely worse than you think.  Look at them after a rain, when they're wet, you'll be surprised! 

                        Give us a call, we'll make your home look great.